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Protein Overnight Oats

Oats are one of my favorite breakfast choices. You can add so much variety to it, like experiment with different toppings, make it with milk or just water, cook it or leave it overnight.

When your mornings are a bit hectic as you need to get kids ready and bring them to the nursery school while getting ready for work, overnight oats are your saviour! They are so easy and quick to make and they fuel your mornings with antioxidants, minerals and essential vitamins! They also keep you full for a very long time.


Servings: 1 I Prep Time: 5 minutes



  • 50 g (1/3 cup) oats

  • 5 pcs of walnuts

  • 1 tsp of sunflower seeds

  • 2 tsp of chia seeds

  • 1 tsp of flax seeds

  • 1 tsp of sesame seeds

  • 1 tsp of pumpkin seeds

  • 1 tsp of goji berries

  • 1 tsp of amaranth seeds

  • soy milk or any plant-based milk

  • 1 tsp of peanut butter

  • a tsp of cinnamon

  • blueberries & banana as a topping


  1. Place all ingredients in a jar, mix everything together & refrigerate overnight.

  2. Once ready to serve, feel free to add your favorite toppings & enjoy!

Leave me a comment below and share your own experience in preparing the recipe.

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