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VeggieWorld Frankfurt 2022

VeggieWorld exhibition takes place normally once a year and is a big event for all vegans and non-vegans!

This year the event was held on the weekend, the 24th and 25th of September from 10:00 am till 18:00 pm at the Fredenhagen Spaces in Offenbach, Frankfurt am Main.

I usually try not to miss this exhibition and visit it every year because it's a lot of fun and there is always a lot to discover: from vegan food and drinks to vegan cosmetics, clothing and services.

Apart from new vegan products, you can walk through the various food trucks and enjoy some delicious vegan food and then head to the veggie stage to watch some cooking shows and listen to some vegan talk.

Every year there is a different program and mostly names of exhibitors change or you see them next year again among with new names on the list.

On-site exhibitors this year:

  • Juma-tea is a new sort of energy-tea, as a replacement for coffee, on the basis of guayusa from Ecuador.

  • Vegetus is a Ukrainian company producing plant-based sausages. They have been on the market for years now and because of the war in Ukraine recently moved to the Czech Republic where they continue with the production. I had the chance to try their sausages and I found them as one of the best plant-based sausages I have ever tried before. Certainly, I bought some of them for my husband to try and enjoy them later at home :-))

  • Lupinion is a coffee alternative, based on wholesome legumes, lupins, which is caffeine-free.

  • Kombuchery is a young start-up company from Berlin, producing Kombucha. Their drink has only 9 calories, 32 nutritions, vitamins, probiotics and various flavors, like a passion fruit, a ginger, an original, a currant and a Paraguay tea. I tried the passion fruit and the taste was really nice, not too sweet and very refreshing.

  • djoon produces spreads and chocolates with dates as a basic ingredient. Their products are bio, vegan and contain zero sugar.

For more information on the on-site exhibitors and the program in general, visit the official website:

Thank you for stopping by my website! Let me know in the comments below if you attended this event and what your impression was.

See you next year at the Veggie World! :-)

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